So, how much would it cost to have an extremely independent photographer at your gig?

Somewhere between £50 and a couple of grand.

I'm a fully PVG (Disclosure Scotland) registered and volunteer with a Falkirk Council youth music project.
So, young bands may get a discount.

What do you want to do with these gig/promotional photos? Just for sharing on Facebook?  Use on merch?  I'd expect to be paid more for an image that was used on a million selling CD (or t-shirt) than for low resolution social media use.

Loads of businesses start up offering gig coverage for a nice round £100, most realise quite quickly: that's not a sustainable rate.  

Talk to the other bands or acts that you're sharing the stage with, perhaps you could split the costs.

Hey: I *might* do a £50 gig ... if you're very local and it's not a long shoot ... but I might not.

Check out my Facebook *Albums*, see if my style suits you, bear in mind that I'll be bringing a couple of grands worth of gear - including a back up camera, and get in touch. 

When I cover a gig it can take a day out of my life.

Pre gig gear checks, travel to/from the event, 2/3/4 hours at the venue. Then there's sorting through, editing and uploading the images: which usually takes at least as long as covering the event.

Young bands might get the benefit of the doubt. I'm fully PVG registered (Disclosure Scotland) and a volunteer youth worker for Falkirk Council. I'm very much into supporting hard working young bands and solo performers.

Every band or singer/songwriter wants photos that they can use to promote themselves. Every guitar player wants to be seen in the best light. Get in touch, I'm sure we can work out a fee that will suit us both.

You can even pay a deposit by PayPal:



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