Gig photography and promo shoots in Central Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling & Dunfermline

As and when the mood takes me.

(Or when someone pays me!)

How much will it cost

There are tons more photos in my Facebook *Albums*

Coverage of you gig or concert: for use on Facebook, other social media, your own website, posters, CD covers, t-shirts, press packs or for your local paper to print when you do something newsworthy.

Promotional shots of you or your band looking all mean and moody or chilling in a wee cafe: we've got a ton of stuff to talk about.

A few shots from around West Lothian, Glasgow, Stirling and Fife:

Shug from The Swindlers at The Tav, Grangemouth

Black Nevada at Audio in Glasgow 05.07.15

Hayek at The Basement, Stirling

Stephen at The Kilted Kangaroo, Stirling

Luke at Firkins, Falkirk

Tasha from Divides playing Monty's bar in DunfermlineFailed At Sea at The Basement, Stirling
Jim at Chords & Coffee, Coffee On Wooer, Falkirk



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This page shows photos, images, pictures  from gis, concerts and small scale events around Scotland.  We also do promo shoots and all manner of other photographic work.  From pubs and clubs up to larger music venues.

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