Gig, concert and event photography. Band promo shoots in Central Scotland. Video and audio production too.

I do a fair bit of photography at gigs, concerts and events all over Central Scotland.  From pub gigs and acoustic sessions in Falkirk, Grangemouth, Dunfermline and Stirling, up to bigger venues like Audio and Ivory Black's in Glasgow and The Tollbooth in Stirling.

Promotional photo shoots too: promo for bands, solo artists and singer/songwriters.  Images for social media, posters or CD covers.

Gig photogrophy in Falkirk, Grangemouth and Stirling. Including Failed At Sea, The Basement, Stirling.

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How much will it cost Spoiler alert: from £50 to a couple of grand.

Band promo shoots

Band promo shots

Sample shots from band photo shoots

Music Video

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Latest music video creations from Central Scotland

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Record your music

Got the song(s) but haven't quite got everything that you need to get a video  posted on YouTube?  Need someone else to  worry about the camera angles?  Want to concentrate on your performance rather than the recording process?

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Bespoke videos

Bespoke videos

If you have an idea for a more artistic interpretation of your song - we'll see what we can do.

Videoed interviews.

"Session" style videos:

Videoing your rehearsals/pub gigs

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Recording sessions at Open Mic Nights

Open Mic Nights

Are Open Mic Nights your thing?  We could record your set.


Falkirk band: Rising Pacific

Falkirk musician and producer: Robbie Lesiuk



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